Make A Zine!

Now you can make a little 6-paged zine!

Except not on mobile - that is all sorts of broken right now. Sorry :(

This tool allows you to draw each page of a 6-page + covers "zine", a type of short hand-made book thing. You can draw each page in the boxes below, then compile them into A4-sized images to download and print.

The final zine will have a front and back cover, and three spreads of pages (1 and 2, 3 and 4 and 5 and 6) and a secret poster that can be printed on the back side!

Front cover

Front cover

Pages 1 and 2

Pages 1-2

Pages 3 and 4

Pages 3-4

Pages 5 and 6

Page 5-6

Back cover

Back cover

Poster for back of page

Now you're ready to print a zine!

You can right-click these two images (Don't worry, this won't draw on them!) and download each one. Then you can print them (double-sided if you want the secret poster!) to a printer and fold them into a small zine!

Confused? Head back up to the instructions section.

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